XP Farm

Workshop, Farm


Stampy's House, Stampy's Lovely World

Built by

Stampy Cat

First Appearance

Googlies Trap

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XP Farm Underground

XP Farm (or Googlie Trap) is a building in Stampy's Lovely World.


The building is made out of cobblestone, netherrack and obsidian, and is shaped as a dome. There is fire and lava dripping down from the building, and looks like an evil lare. It is set just outside Stampy's house, next to his love garden, and is accesible by the main path that runs down the back of the house. The building looks very out of place in the beautiful snowy surroundings and the grounds of the Love Garden, and Stampy has said on occasion "..This is probably my least favorite building because it looks so ugly and horrible, but I can't change it now because it's been here so long.."

The inside leads to a small room, but underground is a huge array of tunnels and water, of which the tide leads to a small tube. At the end of the tube is lava, and the tube abruptly ends, fully open, above an indent in the floor.

When it was created it was one of the most advanced buildings in the world, but there are more complicated things in the Funland.


As the name suggests, the building functions as an XP farm. In the pitch black tunnels below the building, mobs spawn on the platforms and drop into the water. The deliberate tide carries them towards the pipe, and the water pushes them to their inevitable death by lava. When they have died, their XP and loot drop into an indent in the floor, which Stampy can then collect. If an item hits the indent, a pressure pad will be activated which causes a noteblock to sound in his love garden, alerting him to the items.

Despite it's useful offering, Stampy has not used the XP farm on video since he first built and converted it, however it is entirely possible he uses it outside the video for building up his levels and collecting items from mobs.


The XP Farm is one of the oldest buildings in the Lovely World, as is many of the surrounding buildings in that perimeter. It was built as a looting farm, to collect loot from mobs, but as the use of such items drained, he converted it into an xp farm by allowing the xp to be contained rather than float off and despawn quickly. No changes (or, indeed, visits) have been made since.

It was last seen in a tour around Stampy's Lovely World- 600th episode Town Tour.