"You should stay indoors at night, it's very dangerous to be wandering around in the dark"
— Zach to Stampy after he died for wanderding around in the dark
First Appearance: My first Night
Last Appearance: Voodo Magic
Username: N/A
Nicknames: Unknown
Gallery: "Unknown"

Zach was Stampy's guide for the duration of his time in Stampy's wonderful world he was Stampy's most notable NPC until his inevitable death in Voodo Magic


Zack was Stampy's only NPC and lotiered around for the first couple episodes until finally setting up his home in the bathroom of the recently started treetop hotel. He was kicked out of his room by Edmund the Merchant. Zack remained quite for a couple episodes until the episode Voodoo Magic when he was killed due to a guide voodoo doll falling into a pit of lava when someone killed a voodoo demon. Stampy and Lee were murdered shortly after.


  • Zach appears in Stampy's YouTube channel trailer
  • Edmund the Merchant could possible be Zach's father.
  • If he is then all of Zach's known family is deceaced

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