A Zombie Villager
Zombie Villagers
First Appeared: Unknown
Status: Undead
Type of Mob: Zombie Villager
Episode Died:

Zombie Villagers comprise 5% of all spawned Zombies. They generally behave as ordinary Zombies, but their character model's head and face is reminiscent of that of a villager, especially the nose. Zombie Villagers may occur in any game mode or difficulty except Peaceful.

Zombie Villagers can result from Zombie attacks on ordinary Villagers. If any type of Zombie kills a Villager, there is a chance that the Villager will transform into a Zombie Villager (100% in hard difficulty, 50% in normal, 0% in easy). This often occurs during zombie sieges, in villages.

Zombie Villagers can be cured by throwing a Splash Potion of Weakness at them, then feeding them a Golden Apple by right-clicking on the Zombie Villager with it. A loud hissing sound will be heard if successful, and the Zombie Villager will begin to shudder. The transformation will take 2–5 minutes, during which time the Zombie Villager will still attack and must be shielded from other attacks and sun damage. While the zombie is being cured, it will have the Strength I effect in normal difficulty, or Strength II in hard difficulty, making it more important to isolate the zombie.

  • Cured Villagers do not retain the trades they had before they became infected.
  • If the Zombie Villager is wearing any Armor or wielding Tools or Weapons, those items disappear when the villager is cured.
  • During the curing process keep the Zombie Villager away from any other zombies, because the other zombies will stop the curing process.
  • Conversion can be sped up by around 4% by surrounding the zombie villager with a 9x9x9 of beds or iron bars (or combined).[1]

A Zombie Villager cannot be cured by switching from Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty to Peaceful. They will just disappear, like all other monsters when switched to Peaceful.



This is a list of Zombie Villagers.


Harrison is the first and villager in Stampy's Lovely World. He was originally a zombie, but was cured at the Caring Cat Clinic and is now a Blacksmith villager. He loves doors (as all Minecraft villagers do) and currently resides at Harrison Hill. He is the manager of the toy shop on the high street. He also is the second zombie villager, but the first to be cured.

Harriet Edit

Harriet was found when Stampy was building the school Stampy and Lee tried to get the zombie in to the healing box but they could not get it in. Lee lagged out and the zombie just walked in. Stampy went to finish the school and Lee jumped in Stampy's face. Stampy went to the Caring Cat Clinic and named her Harriet.



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